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Shaggy Rugs is a hub of durable, water, and slip-resistant rubber floor mats in Dubai. Choose our tailor-made rubber mats for your outdoor and indoor places at budget-friendly rates. Our comfortable mats add warmth and aesthetics to your floor.

Best Rubber Floor Mats

Maximize Your Floor Functionality With Our Rubber Floor Mats

If you’re looking for the best rubber flooring mats for sale in Dubai, we are providing bespoke mats per your style and specifications. Our highly personalized rubber and kitchen mats also ensure maximum comfort and aesthetics with no moisture absorption.

Comfort & Warmth

Experience great warmth and foot comfort with our thick and impact-resistant natural floor coverings. Choose customized mat thickness per your preferences.

Aesthetic Flooring
Aesthetic Flooring

We provide our rubber-made mats in evergreen patterns, colors, and sizes per your desired area and style to make your floor more aesthetic.

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Astonishing Benefits Of Our Modern Rubber Mats


To maintain your atmosphere healthy, our rubber mats emit very low VOCs in the air.

Water Resistant
Water Resistant

Our high-quality rubber-made mats are designed with unique patterns that can resist water.


We craft these mats with modern textures to ensure maximum slip resistance for your safety.

Impact Absorption

To absorb the impacts, we use premium quality natural rubber with standard thickness.

Rubber Floor Mats Supplier
Rubber Floor Mats for Sale

Offering #1 Rubber Mats For Your Homes & Commercial Areas

Shaggy Rugs provides heavy-duty and comfortable rubber floor mats for your commercial and residential places in Dubai and nearby cities. You can get a wide range of mat options per your area specifications and personal requirements.

Our custom rubber material mats are highly suitable for gyms, prayer spaces, swimming pools, spas, fitness centers, hotels, and yoga centers. You can get personalized mats for your home gyms, bathrooms, kitchens, doors, and garages. Our team is available 24/7 to guide you to a perfect flooring solution.

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Book Our Affordable Rubber Floor Installation Services Now!

For a flawless mats installation in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, we have an efficient team. By considering aspects like safety, slip resistance, and firm attachment, our expert team can fix these rubber custom mats on floor surfaces. Our team also ensures the precise measurements and mats’ standard thickness.

Flaws Fixing & Repair

For flaw fixing, our technical team provides proper repair and leveling of the subfloor to avoid any imperfections.

Underlayment Addition

We always add thick and durable underlayment material in fixing our quality mats for precise insulation and comfort.

Maintenance & Cleaning
Maintenance & Cleaning

Our team provides professional maintenance and cleaning services at low rates to make your mats disinfect and clean.

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Get Unique Customization Options For Our Rubber Floor Mats

To make our floorings more personalized we provide maximum customization options. We offer these natural mats with endless colors, sizes, textures, border styles, and customized logos. As per your floor area requirement, you can get these luxury floor mats in made-to-measure sizes.

Moreover, you can also ask our team to print and design any official logo on mats. In addition, to make your floor surface more elegant, we provide mat borders with interlocking, classic piping, contrast binding, scalloped, and embroidered edge styles. We craft these mats with intricate textures– honeycomb, weaving, coin, dot, and line textures.

Luxury Rubber Floor Mats

Our Stylish Rubber Mats Collection

Amazing Rubber Floor Mats
High Quality Floor Mats
Perfect Floor Mats
Classic Rubber Floor Mats
High Quality Rubber Floor Mats
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Why Prefer Us For Rubber Mats In Dubai?

Shaggy Rugs is the leading rubber floor mats supplier in Dubai that has a wide collection of tailor-made rubber mats, also, offering heavy-duty rubber custom mats at budget-friendly rates. With professional craftsmanship, we also offer unique border layouts, custom logos, and designs on our rubber carpets per your preferences.

Free Sampling

For customizations, you can review manifold swatches to pick your favorite color, texture, pattern, and carpet thickness.

Professional Craftsmanship
Professional Craftsmanship

We craft our rubber mats with innovative tools, precise skills, and durable materials for both functional and aesthetic preferences.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Rubber custom mats are basically used at any residential or commercial place for extra foot comfort, fatigue relief, safety, and impact absorption. Moreover, our mats provide complete slip resistance.

Yes, our rubber floor mats are highly suitable for both indoor and outdoor use due to their high durability, easy maintenance, weather, and dust resistance. You can choose these mats for any commercial or industrial purpose.

Cleaning rubber flooring mats requires precise skills but for regular maintenance, you can do dusting or vacuuming. However, our team provides professional services for cleaning rubber mats.

Yes, of course, our rubber mats can be used in any commercial space such as a gym, sports center, hospital, and office.

These rubber flooring mats provide maximum safety and slip resistance in case of falling and heavy work.

Yes, our rubber flooring mats provide complete slip resistance due to their high coefficient of resistance.

You can employ these mats for those areas which have slippery surfaces.

Yes, rubber floor coverings can be customized in any size, shape, and color.

We offer these floor mats for every sized floor area such as rectangular, square, circular, and custom sizes.