Terms And Conditions 

This page is about the terms and conditions of our company Shaggy Rugswhich is mandatory to be acknowledged by all customers and visitors, in order to make all product/service/feature purchases. All users can benefit from our available services by following all the mentioned protocols and other general conditions. In the following, we have stated our user-end agreement which is designed to provide all the information regarding the contractual rights of our visitors and customers. In order to buy our products and features and hire our services, all users are hereby requested to carefully read and acknowledge all the given terms and conditions.

Products, Features And Amenities

Shaggy Rugs is an online company that offers premium-quality home improvement and decor products and services in Dubai & Abu Dhabi, UAE. The high-definition images available at our official website represent both our available products and services along with our latest accomplished projects. The main products we provide include floor treatments (carpets, rugs and mats), wall treatments, ready-made furniture, custom-made furniture and residential renovation services.

Custom Made Products

In addition to ready-made (pre-defined) interior design improvement and decor products, we also provide customized/personalized products, treatments, and services to our customers. Customers can have detailed discussions and consultations with our experts, in order to negotiate their requirements and preferences. All the custom-made floor and furnishing treatments are subjective to these criteria which our customers must know before placing their orders.

  • If customers only want to purchase the construction/fabrication/covering/upholstery materials for a flooring or furnishing treatment, they can get them by specifying their individual parameters and requirements.
  • If customers want to get complete floor, furnishing, and renovation treatments, we shall provide expert measurement services for the intended area, space, and/or object. Customers can decide about getting product delivery, installation, assembling and customization services.
  • Once the customized product/service/treatment has been confirmed by the user, the company will send all the products along with professionals for the entire procedure, i.e. furnishing, treatment, designing, addition, improvement, fixing and/or repair.

Processing Of The Order

Our customers can interact with us at Shaggy Rugs online store and get their desired products and services in the following ways:

  • Order By Emails

Customers can send us emails at info@shaggyrugs.aeto receive quick responses for their respective queries or order details. Users can specify all their desired product/servicing details, request quotations or simply place an order.

  • Order By Phone Calls

Customers can reach out to us via phone calls (+971554722980) and discuss the products, features and services they wish to get, or directly place their orders. Customers are requested to provide accurate information regarding their requirements and contact details. The company will not be held responsible for any inaccurately provided data, information or contact details. Once the requirements have been confirmed by the customers, our representatives shall repeat and clarify all the details of the order for confirmation purposes and for avoiding any kind of misinterpretations or misunderstandings.

  • Order By Messages 

Customers can also place their desired orders or inquire about available products and services through text messages. They can send their order details along with any specific requirements or attachments in the message contents and the company shall provide immediate responses.

Order Cancellation Policy

The order cancellation policy by Shaggy Rugs contains flexibility for the convenience of our customers, however this does not include any errors in the manufacturing/making procedure on the company’s end. Moreover, this cancellation policy does not apply to customized orders and services. In case our customers come across any manufacturing defect from our side after the product/service has been delivered, they must notify the company within 3 business days.

For the purpose of order cancellation, customers are required to provide clear and high-definition images or videos that describe the defect(s), along with the description of the problem. The customers will have to face the consequences if they refuse to make COD (cash-on-delivery) payments at the time of order delivery.

If the customers receive a defective or faulty product (that has been damaged during the delivery), they shall receive a full replacement at the company’s expense (defect/damage fixing, redesigning, etc.).

Return Or Refund Policy 

The refunding policy only gets applied if the customers don’t get the right product/service/treatment designing or manufacturing according to their specified requirements or if they find the product or service quality to be dissatisfactory.

The company shall notify the customers after receiving the product and they can have a complete refund via dedicated payment methods. Customers can also deliver a damaged or defective product at their nearby showroom of Shaggy Rugs. 

Methods Of Payment

When customers make any purchase or hire any service from our company, they can pay in the following ways:

  • Credit/Debit Card
  • Cash On Delivery
  • Bank Transfer

Order Cancellation Conditions 

In case our customers need to cancel any orders, they will have to abide by the following contractual rights of the company.

  • Orders from countries or regions where our delivery services are not available.
  • Unavailability of desired product, accessory, service and/or treatment.
  • Incorrect details or guidelines.
  • Incorrect pricing information.

In order for the customers to get a smooth and pleasant product purchase or service hiring experience, it is highly advised to them to go through all the stated terms and conditions. Reading all the policies and conditions thoroughly will ensure a trouble-free and satisfactory experience for the customers.