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Are you looking for durable and custom made door mats? We offer comfortable and highly functional doormats to improve your residential and commercial floors. Our custom welcome mats embellish your entryways and make them a focal point for visitors.

Tire Tuff Textures Door Mats

Our Custom Made Door Mats Are Best Decor Addition To Entryways

Shaggy Rugs offers you a perfect decor element to enhance the ambiance of all your entryways. Our custom door mats Dubai feature the finest structures and require less maintenance. Moreover, they keep your indoor floor surfaces clean and shiny for a long.

Welcoming Ambiance
Welcoming Ambiance

Due to versatile colors, shapes, and surface textures, our door mats give a welcoming look to your doors.

Indoor Cleaning
Indoor Cleaning

Besides decoration, placing our mats at door entryways also ensures clean indoors. Also, they prevent your floor surface from scratches and abrasions.

PVC Floral Entrance Matting
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Desirable Features Of Our Modern And Customized Door Mats


We use unique and high-quality materials for crafting these weather-resistant mats. Our customized mats can be placed in outdoor entryways.

Easy Maintenance
Easy Maintenance

Due to complete moisture and dust resistance, our mats require a very easy maintenance and cleaning process.

Hygienic Material
Hygienic Material

To maintain a hygienic environment, our made-to-measure mats precisely trap the microbes and unhygienic particles that usually come from shoes.

Proper Drainage
Proper Drainage

By using innovative techniques we make micro-pores in our custom made mats for proper drainage of water and dust particles.

Extra Durable Door Mat
Boalt Doormat

We Provide Prompt And Efficient Installation Of Door Mats

Our highly experienced team provides quick and efficient installation of doormats and rugs in your residential and commercial places. Our innovative fixing techniques ensure the proper drainage of water and mud from these mats.

To make your entryways more luxurious and comfortable, we install the matting seamlessly with precise finishing.

We also offer expert cleaning and maintenance services for indoor and outdoor rugs, carpets, and custom made door mats Dubai. To enhance the durability of these mats, we provide free guidance and tips for proper maintenance.

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Buy Our Trendiest Doormats For Your Residential & Commercial Places 

We design tailor-made doormats to adorn the entryways of every residential and commercial place in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Our team crafts these personalized mats as per your design and area requirements.

  • We manufacture premium quality door entryway mats for your garage, fireplace, bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, and bedrooms.
  • You can also get these custom entry mats for your corporate offices, shopping centers, commercial buildings, schools, and hospitals.

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Explore Our Bespoke Options Of Custom Made Door Mats In Dubai

To craft these door coir mats precisely, we offer a broad range of options in materials, designs, colors, shapes, and textures. You can get door entry mats in multiple material options such as recycled rubber, natural rubber, coir, vinyl, polyester, and polypropylene.

We provide our doormats in a variety of customized shapes such as rectangular, square, circular, semi-circular, animal, and logo shapes.

You can also get precise designs of your company and office logo or desired notes on the mats. Moreover, we craft our doormats in a range of solid and neutral colors as per your area’s theme and style. For any further customization options, contact our team.

Go Away Doormat

Our Gleaming Gallery

Monogramed Door Mat
Layered Front Door Mat
Coco Border Door Mat
Amery World Wide Doormat
Custom Floor Mat
Rectangular Non-slip Door Mat

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Custom Made Door mats

Why Prefer Us For Customized Door Mats In Dubai?

Shaggy Rugs is the top-notch custom door mat supplier in Dubai. We aim to provide high-quality door mats with unique customization options.

Our proficient team also provides professional maintenance and cleaning services for custom made door mats Dubai. Contact Us Now!

Free Sampling & Delivery
Free Sampling & Delivery

For your satisfaction, we provide a free sampling of customized mats as per your requirements. You will get free and on-time mat delivery.

Free Consultancy & Guidance
Free Consultancy & Guidance

For bespoke flooring treatments, our team provides free consultancy and guidance 24/7. Moreover, you can also get free quotations.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Rubber, vinyl, nylon, polyester, coir, polypropylene, and sisal fibers are the most popular materials for manufacturing customized doormats for both residential and commercial places.

Yes, our customized door entrance mats are highly suitable for outdoor uses due to their unique manufacturing, extra durability, weather, moisture, and UV resistance.

Maintaining and cleaning our custom doormats is quite easy. By regular dusting and vacuuming, you can easily upkeep them.

We also offer high-quality professional maintenance and cleaning services.

Our custom-made door entry mats are highly durable and can last for years due to their unique composition. We offer a wide range of natural and synthetic materials to choose from for door customized mats.

Yes, our custom-made doormats such as rubber and coir mats can be washed in a washing machine by following all the given instructions.

Yes, our customized mats offer complete slip resistance due to their unique surface texture and moisture-draining features.

These tailor-made mats will protect you from severe injuries and accidents.