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Give an excellent finish to your floors by purchasing our designed rugs considering the latest fashion and trends. We provide modern rugs in Dubai with an extensive range of innovative styles and color palette choices. Now you can give a subtle touch to your floors by placing our contemporary rugs at our stores at discounted rates.

Luxury Modern Rugs Dubai

Transform Your Home Into An Elegant Space With Our Modern Rugs Dubai 

Shaggy Rugs presents the trendiest floor-covering solutions with unmatched quality and stunning styles for your home improvement. We provide highly resilient modern rugs Dubai to add impressive functionality and comfort to your domestic and commercial places.

Now you can bring an extraordinary touch of softness underfoot with our high pile of modern rugs. You can buy these rugs from us to place on the balcony, hallways, and backyard of your homes to create a comfy place to walk on.

We provide luxury and round custom made rugs to glam up the decor of your bedrooms and living rooms. Our rugs will provide astonishing decor transformation at different places in your homes.

High Quality Modern Rugs
Expertly Manufactured

Our sophisticated rugs are finely made using sturdier fibers with great tensile strength. The finishing of our rugs is so fine that you will be amazed by their appearance.

Guaranteed Quality

One thing about our products that cannot be doubted is their quality. We always ensure the best use of your investment and supply the best quality modern wool rugs.

Professional Crew

We have been dealing in the region for many years and have handled different types of customers. Hence, you can trust our team to be the most experienced and highly proficient.

24/7 Customer Service

We are readily available for the duty of customer service. You will get a prompt response to your queries from our adept team.

Get Creative Designs of Modern Rugs At Cheap Rates

Whether you are looking for minimal decor for your home or want to accentuate the classic choice of rugs in the outdoor areas of your residencies, we are giving our clients flexible choices for modern rugs UAE.

We have a wider rug variety with inspirational designs and appealing motifs and patterns that can beautify any place’s decor.

The mesmerizing fact about our services is that we provide high-end amenities without making a hole in your pockets. You can ask us to lower the prices for our large modern rugs, and we will sell you our products at market-competitive rates.

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Cheap Quality Modern Rugs
Modern Rugs in Dubai

Essential Benefits of Using Our Best Quality Modern Rugs

Now you can get exceptional benefits from purchasing our state-of-the-art technology modern outdoor rugs that are ideal for outdoor use. Here are the manifold perks of purchasing modern rugs Dubai from our stores.

  • You can have our modernistically made rugs in your desired color, size, and fiber choices.
  • These rugs can incorporate style, coziness, and a warm or gentle feel underfoot.
  • Our rugs are insanely durable and can stand up well against heavy use.
  • These rugs resist stains, moisture, and direct rays of sunlight.
  • Our rugs are the superior solution to cover your hardwood floors, and you will have 100% quality assurance from our side.
  • The prices of our premium rugs are highly reasonable because we provide these rugs at economical rates.

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Best Quality Modern Rugs

We Are The Leading Shop of Rugs in The UAE

We are among the reliable and top-rated rug superstores that provide customized solutions for rugs to add a subtle touch to your interiors.

Being the one-stop source for modern floor rugs, we always come up with unified designs and styles that you won’t find at any other store in the whole market.

You can explore our featured products gallery and get custom rugs from us as per your choice of color and style. Our collection has infinite combinations of fiber options and patterns for these rugs. We are the only rug suppliers selling modern floor covering at highly cheap rates to the clients.

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Why Should You Prefer Us?

Shaggy Rugs is the best platform to provide contemporary rugs, adding beautification and versatility to your floors. We take pride as the top-grade rugs supplier making the customers proud of our remarkable services for a decade.

If you are finding difficulty in searching for modern rugs Dubai, you don’t need to go anywhere else because we provide different types of rugs under one roof. We have the most experienced and certified staff that is professional and humble with the customers.

You can get any style of customized rug with neutral colors and muted designs. Besides the low cost of modern rugs, you can trust us for the incredible durability of our rugs. You can only rely on our brand for on-time availability and shipping services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The best companies to buy the rugs from are the ones that offer quality products with low-cost estimates. The affordability, quality, durability, and guaranteed products decide which is the best choice.

As rugs are made from variable material types and different tensile strengths and functional uses. These rugs can last for more than 10 years with the right upkeep and care in homes depending on the foot traffic.

It takes more effort and consideration when you are vacuuming a high-pile rug.

This is because they can trap dirt inside the fibers which makes them a bit difficult to clean particularly when they are stained as well.

The cost of a modern rug will change with the type of fiber materials used in the crafting.

Besides that, the style, size, and color make a direct impact on the price range of the rugs.

Yes! You can purchase custom-tailored modern rugs in your choice of color, design, pattern, texture, and materials.

We can also provide rugs tailored to the required size.

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