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Shaggy Rugs stocks a trendy collection of Coir Mats Dubai which is the most durable, heavy-duty, and suitable floor-covering option for every place. We provide high-quality coconut matting to make all indoor and outdoor floors comfy and clean.

Best Coir Mats

Latest Coir Mat Styles We Offer In Dubai

We have the most luxurious and unique coconut matting options available at our shop. Our indoor and outdoor kitchen mats are an entirely natural, beautiful, and resilient choice to cover your floors. They are available in multiple sizes and shapes for every area.

Coir Door Mats
Coir Door Mats

These doormats make the perfect welcome matting for every entrance and exit and will keep your interiors clean by trapping dirt.

Coir Runner Mats
Coir Runner Mats

These mats are excellent for placing in hallways, walkways, living rooms and on top of staircases, an attractive-looking and anti-slip covering.

Custom Coir Mats
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Amazing Benefits Of Our Best Coir Mats Dubai 

Exceptionally Durable
Exceptionally Durable

Our coconut floor mats are the most long-lasting matting option which are completely damage-resistant and extraordinarily beneficial.

Eco-Friendly And Biodegradable
Eco-Friendly And Biodegradable

These mats are a completely natural, biodegradable, and eco-friendly choice, and their manufacturing is free from chemicals.


Our coir door and floor mats are weather, moisture, and fade-resistant and can withstand all conditions.

Low-Maintenance Interiors

These mats are incredibly easy to clean and do not require any expensive materials or maintenance procedures.

Coir Mats Dubai

Get Exclusive Custom Coir Mats From Us

At Shaggy Rugs, you can not just shop for the best quality coconut floor mats but also get them in customized styles for all your unique requirements.

We design all kinds of coir mats Dubai with personalized sizes, shapes, colors, patterns, prints, and thickness levels. You can place these specialized custom coconut mats next to doors, entrances, staircases, and outdoors.

We also provide finely personalized coir door mats and you can have them beautified with custom phrases and messages.

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The Quick And Delightful Process Of Purchasing Our Coir Mats In Dubai

You can expect a range of benefits from our unique and natural coconut mats and they will serve you for the longest periods of time. Besides, we offer you a variety of options to choose from, in accordance with your interior decor. You can also shop for these luxury floor mats online.

Free Consultations
Consultation And Quotation

You can talk to our experts about all your requirements and they will assist you in selecting the best matting

Delivery And Installation
Delivery And Installation

We quickly deliver your favorite coir mats and you can also get our services for their placement or permanent fitting.

Customization and enhancement
Customization And Enhancement

We provide all kinds of sizes, shape, colors and style customizations and accessorizing for coconut floor and door mats

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We Provide The Most Budget-friendly Coconut Matting 

Our best coconut door and floor mats are not just incredibly pocket-friendly but also greatly cost-effective, They are extraordinarily durable and low-cost to maintain.

Besides, they also keep your floors safe from scratches, stains, and impact damage and help maintain clean and hygienic interiors. These mats also help with furniture anchoring and safety enhancement of all floors and surfaces.

All these major benefits of our best coir doormats make them worth investing in and the pricing is entirely affordable as well. So explore our trendy collection today, select your favorite designs, and enjoy fast deliveries!

Outdoor Mats

Coir Runner Mats Collection 2024 

Eco-friendly Coir Mats
Blossom & Vine Coir Mats
Triangle Coir Mats
Printed Coir Mats
Natural Coir Mats
Half-Round Coco Mats
Embossed Coir Mats
Coir Door Mats

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Luxury Coir Mats in Dubai

Why Choose Us?

Shaggy Rugs is the best Coir Mats supplier in the UAE and offers you the most outstanding matting variety to choose from. Our classy and durable Coir mats Dubai are the best floor covering to invest in if you suffer from any allergies or breathing difficulties as they are completely natural.

Improved Air Quality
Improved Air Quality

Our coconut floor mats are completely non-toxic and will improve the air quality of your interiors by trapping all allergens

Low-Maintenance Interiors
Low-Maintenance Interiors

This high-quality floor matting helps keep your interior dirt, dust, and debris-free and also prevents moisture transfer from outdoors

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our Coir Door Mats are the ideal option for outdoor floor covering and they also make the best welcome mats. These mats do not get damaged by atmosphere, moisture or sunlight and there is no chance of mold or mildew growth as well, hence the most suitable choice.

You can shake the coir mats to get rid of any dirt and debris or make use of a stiff-bristled brush to do so. Additionally, vacuum cleaning can also be done to clean coconut door and floor mats. As for deep cleaning, you can simply wash the mats with a hose and air dry them before using.

Of course, coconut floor mats are the most suitable choice for areas with high foot traffic as they are sturdy and resilient. They offer maximum traction and make the floors anti-slip and safe to walk over. You can even place this soft flooring on stairs for added benefits.

Though coir door mats are highly fade resistant, a careful usage is necessary to make them last long. It is recommended to avoid placing the mats under direct and intense sunlight to minimize the chance of fading and to store them properly when not in use.

Yes, our coir door mats Dubai are an entirely eco-friendly, natural and biodegradable floor matting choice. They do not have any harmful chemicals and have a hypoallergenic profile, perfect for people with allergies. They also contribute to a healthy air quality indoors.

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