Style Your Place With Our Turkish Carpets Dubai Collection

Give your interiors an instant makeover by placing our luxury carpets that are the perfect combo of functionality and aesthetics. Being the best Turkish carpet supplier, we provide heavy-duty floor covering essentials at the lowest prices.

Outstanding Turkish Carpet

Our Trendy Carpets With Turkish Designs Create Classy Statement

Looking for Turkish carpets for sale near me? Shaggy Rugs gladly presents a never-ending range of modern and traditional styles for these indoor and outdoor carpets to style your floors. Our Turkish carpets Dubai are ideally made using wool, silk, and cotton fibers, featuring hard-wearing profiles.

Design Versatility

Our carpets create visually appealing surfaces, incorporating depth, pattern, texture, and coziness in your living spaces.

Styling Flexibility

You can style your home, apartment, villa, office, decks, and penthouse floors with our luxury and long-lasting carpets.

Best Turkish Carpet
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Benefits Of Having Our Luxury Turkish Carpets Dubai

Unique Design Profiles
Unique Design Profiles

These carpets come with graceful designs, patterns, and textures, featuring unique medallion, geometric, and border layouts.

Long Term Investment
Long Term Investment

Our Turkish carpets in Dubai are high-performance, offering great tensile strength, best for high-traffic areas of homes and offices.

Damage Resistant
Damage Resistant

Made from natural materials, our carpets are resistant to wear and tear, and naturally resist stains, maintaining their visual height & shape.

High-Level Insulation
High-Level Insulation

Our densely woven and thick carpets provide you with warm and cozy surfaces, enhancing the level of insulation, and reducing the power bills.

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Treat Your Floors Ideally With Our Customized Turkish Carpeting Solutions

Enhance your home & office interiors by incorporating our meticulously customized Turkish carpets Dubai. We facilitate clients with the ideal treatment of floor covering customizations per the style and space accommodation of the user.

You can opt for the personalization of carpets in terms of colors, layouts, and sizes to shapes. Additionally, you can pick minimal to intricate layouts for these carpets to sync the existing room aesthetics. We provide finely customized Turkish floor carpets online at budget-friendly rates.

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We Supply High-Quality Turkish Carpets At Low Prices

Buy our Turkish handmade carpets to add instant style infusion to your home and corporate places. We provide carpets that are constructed using natural and synthetic materials.

Sale & Discount Offers
Sale & Discount Offers

We throw occasional sales & discount opportunities on carpets and flooring services in Dubai.

Finest Manufacturing
Finest Manufacturing

We provide quality carpets that are woven by skillful weavers & crafted on the latest equipment.

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Get Our Professional Installation Service For Turkish Carpets

Looking for style and functionality enhancement in your residencies & commercial spaces? Appoint our team for the quick and reliable installation of carpets.

We provide you with certified and skillful workers with experience of a decade to fit carpets on floors. Starting with adept measurement and area preparation, our team provides secure and precise carpet fitting treatment.

We ensure customer satisfaction by all means, hence, using quality tools and adhesives for installation purposes. Besides installing treatment, we offer an extraordinary service of carpet repair for fixing the damaged or worn-out portion of your floor carpets.

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Look At Our Turkish Carpet Designs

#1 Turkish Carpet
Beautiful Turkish Carpet
Turkish Carpet Dubai
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Versatile Turkish Carpet

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Why Choose Us For Turkish Carpets in Dubai?

Shaggy Rugs is a client-centric brand that provides exceptionally beautiful, versatile, and sustainable floor-covering essentials. We provide high-performance and unique turkish carpets Dubai for the ideal styling of your residential & commercial floors. By acquiring our services, you can cherish:

Long Term Investment
Long-term Investment

We provide finely manufactured carpets that are built to last for the longest spans in your busy households, sustaining their quality.

Timely Threshold Delivery
On-Time Shipping

Your selected carpet type and size will be delivered in a decided timeframe at your intended location, ensuring proper packaging.

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Frequently Asked Questions

These carpets hold significant importance because of unique manufacturing techniques & one-of-a-kind tribal and intricate designs. Most of these carpets are hand woven by skilled weavers, featuring the work of art, highest sustainability, and cost-effectiveness.

Vacuum your carpets at least twice a week for a fresh appeal and elimination of dirt on the surface. For deep cleaning, use carpet cleaners or make a soapy solution using mild detergent and lukewarm water, and gently rub the entire surface with a soft brush. Lastly, rinse, clean, and dry in fresh air.

In the construction of these heavy-duty carpets, different types of natural fibers are used along with combinations.

The most widely used materials in these carpets are wool, silk, and cotton which offer sleek and sumptuous floor styling.

Most of these carpets are created using extremely hard-wearing and natural fiber materials to ensure long-term serviceability.

With thick pile fibers and the finest weaving, these carpets are a great choice for high-traffic residential and commercial spaces.

Yes! Carpets are available in several sizes and styles to meet the interior design and space requirements.

Other than small, large, medium, and standard sizes, carpets can be ideally customized in length and width to align individual space dimensions.

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