Buy Trendy & Modern Prayer Mats Dubai

If you want to offer prayer with solitude and meditation, grab our comfiest prayer mats in Dubai to fulfill your desire.

We provide the best quality mats specifically designed with various logos and religious motifs to create a perfect sensation and environment to worship. Our mats are available at our stores in many styles and color tones at market-competitive rates.

Best Prayer Mats

Our Prayer Mats Are The Ideal Option For Worship Calmly

Shop for our trendy prayer mats with versatile designs and appealing looks that will give you a smooth and cozy surface to worship. We are providing mats for praying rooms with different religious prints and borders to provide an attractive surface to bow down your head.

You can not only buy oriental prayer mats Dubai with intricate layouts from us but also get your hands on genuine Turkish-style mats. Our mats are the prime choice both in terms of coziness and toughness.

These mats are extremely soft as they are created from a variety of synthetic and natural materials. You can also shop for embroidered mats with unique and minimal layouts to increase the beauty of the praying room. We provide a guarantee to the clients for the quality of the Persian prayer mats.

Namazi Mat
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Modern Designs

Now you can purchase our mats with graphical images of the mosques and religious patterns. We also provide mats with neutral colors and muted design profiles.

Professional Services

You can acquire the most dedicated services by shopping for prayer mats online from us. We deal with clients in the most professional way while ensuring their pleasure.

Flexible Payment Method

Now you can pay us right away through cash at our store while for an online purchase, you have the flexibility to either pay through credit card or cash on delivery.

On-Time Delivery

We rest assure you about the featured service of timely delivery to your doorstep. Our team makes sure that you will get your package of prayer mats UAE safely at your places.

We Have Many Forms of Prayer Mats To Choose From

If you are looking for a prayer mat shop in Dubai that offers various styles and types of mats, come to our store and explore our stunning collection.

We have the mats variety that is made from materials like mesh cotton and natural wool. Besides that, you can also shop for jute and sisal prayer mats for an opulent and rustic look in your spaces.

All of these mat types have exclusive designs and a range of color schemes and tones. You can buy mix-colored mats from us for a modern style praying mat according to the interior design of your praying rooms.

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Prayer Mats Dubai

Our Prayer Mats Offer Plenty of Benefits

Having us for the purchase of praying mats will serve you the noteworthy benefits and features.

  • You can grab your desired piece from our made-to-order collection of mats.
  • We are providing personalized prayer mats Dubai according to the latest trends and styles.
  • These mats are resistant to UV rays, fading, stains, and moisture as well.
  • Our mats will add a cozy feel and a relaxed vibe to a space as they are made from soft materials.
  • You can choose between the variable pile heights and sizes for these mats.

Exclusive Collection Of Our Stylish Prayer Mats

Muslim Prayer Mat
Red Velvet Janamaz
Worship Mat
Perfect Black Prayer Mats
Green Prayer Mat
Elite Thick Prayer Mat
Green and Gold Islamic Prayer Mat
Blue Prayer Rug

Get Custom-Made Prayer Mats At Cheap Rates From Us

Being the top-notch prayer mats supplier in the whole region, we are glad to offer our most exceptional amenity of product customization. You can call us to order your customized item of the best mats and we’ll provide you with the exact mats catered to your needs. For custom mats in Dubai, we are the most trusted source for you.

You can shop for luxury mats from us without breaking the bank. This is because we always prefer the client’s happiness while compromising on the prayer mats’ prices. So, if you are looking for a cheap solution to buy a mat, book your order at our store right now.

First Class Prayer Mats Dubai

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Luxury Prayer Mats Dubai

Why Should You Choose Us For Prayer Mats Dubai?

Shaggy Rugs presents a spectacular collection of religious mats to offer prayer in your homes and offices with calmness and comfort. We have been providing these mats in different areas of Dubai for more than a decade. We earned the customer’s trust after the struggle of many years by serving them with guaranteed quality products.

You can cherish the facility of custom-tailored mat solutions in your preferred choice and needed sizes. The cost of our prayer mats Dubai is amazingly affordable for all consumers. Besides that, you will receive the on-time parcel on ordering our luxury products online from our workshop.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Prayer mats are available in the market with waterproofing features. However, waterproof prayer mats are suggested to be installed in places that are moisture prone for better outcomes.

Yes! You can leave your prayer mat on the floor until the area is not in use or properly cleaned. If there’s a lot of foot traffic in a place, it is recommended to not leave them on the floor to avoid dust and stains.

Prayer mats were made using natural or synthetic material blends. The fibers of silk and cotton are generally used to craft these mats that are extremely soft and highly durable for long-term use.

If the area is clean and free from impurities, you can pray without the prayer mat. However, it is necessary to lay down a clean piece of cloth that is the size of a prayer mat to offer prayer comfortably.

When choosing the right prayer mat for your spaces, make sure it is comfortable to kneel on. Select the appropriate size for mats and ask about the maintenance needs.