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Our premium quality ablution mats provide complete protection to bare feet against slipping. These mats make your ablution floor surface moisture-free, hygienic, and safe. To enjoy the best comfort and floor covering, buy our ablution flooring mats at the lowest price in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

#1 Ablution Mats Dubai

Our Luxurious Ablution Mats Provide Unique Comfort And Styling

If you’re looking for the most luxurious and best ablution mats Dubai, we provide high-quality bespoke mats as per your style and specifications. Our personalized mats also ensure the proper draining of water without any moisture absorption.

Coir Runner Mats
Luxurious Covering

Experience the luxurious nature of our ablution area coir mats which are crafted for maximum comfort and floor appeal enhancement with premium materials.

Aesthetic Flooring
Unique Elegance

Enjoy complete personalization with our customizable options for mats, from sizes and colors to intricate border designs, we offer precisely tailored matting for your taste.

Affordable Ablution Mats
Award Wining Company

Noticeable Features Of Our Heavy-Duty Ablution Mats Dubai

Durability Assurance
High Durability

We craft our ablution floor mats with premium quality and resilient materials that ensure high longevity and successful investment.


Our heavy-duty floor mats are designed to maintain anti-slip floor surfaces, hence preventing users from severe injuries and accidents.

Better Hygiene

Our hygienic mats are also health-friendly for barefoot traffic. They effectively prevent fungal and bacterial growth.

Easy Maintenance

Our dirt and moisture-resistant mats require very easy cleaning and maintenance and provide clean and dirt-free surfaces due to perfect draining.

Ablution Mats Dubai

We Provide Complete Personalization Options For Our Ablution Floor Mats

We offer precise customization options for our superior-quality ablution and kitchen mats. We offer these mats in a variety of materials, color palettes, sizes, border styles, and versatile designs. You can choose these mats in rubber, PVC, plastic, and recycled materials for your ablution areas.

As per your ablution floor area, we provide ablution mats Dubai in customized sizes. In addition, to make your ablution area more elegant, we enhance mat borders with classic piping, contrast binding, scalloped, and embroidered edge styles.

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Choose Our Mats For Your Commercial & Residential Ablution Areas

We provide heavy-duty and comfortable mats for all commercial and residential ablution areas in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. You can get multiple design options for presentable floor covering.

Our modern mats are designed for ablution areas of your prayer spaces, spas and wellness centers, hotels, resorts, religious centers, fitness, and yoga centers

You can get personalized mats for your home gyms, bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry areas. Our experts are available 24/7 to guide you to a perfect flooring solution.

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We Offer Expert Installation Of Ablution Mats in Dubai

We provide skillful installation services for ablution flooring mats in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. By considering safety and water drainage, our professional team installs these mats.

You can upgrade your ablution space with our premium ablution mat installation services in Dubai. Our experts guarantee flawless installation, ensuring maximum longevity.

From measurement to placement, we handle every step with care, transforming your ablution areas into a haven of luxury and comfort. Trust us for a seamless and expertly executed installation that enhances both the aesthetics and functionality of your space.

Durable Ablution Mats

Our Luxury Ablution Mats Projects In Dubai

Washroom Ablution Mats
Non-slip Ablution Mats
Simple Ablution Mats
Luxury Wudu Mats
High-quality Ablution Mats
Durable Ablution Mats
Anti-slip Ablution Mats
Ablution Mats for Mosque

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Elegant Ablution Mats Dubai

Why Choose Us?

Shaggy Rugs is the top supplier of mats and rugs in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. We craft our durable mats with high-quality materials that provide complete slip and mildew resistance. Our professional craftsmanship ensures the durability of ablution mats Dubai.

Timely Threshold Delivery
Free Sampling & Delivery

For our customer’s complete satisfaction, we provide free mat samples as per their requirements. You will enjoy on-time and free delivery with us.

Free Slot Booking
Customer Care Services

We always strive to provide excellent customer care services. We are available online 24/7 to provide free consultancy and guidance.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Ablution area mats are primarily used to drain water and make the floor surface of bathroom areas anti-slip. Most commonly these mats are used in public places such as mosques and temples.

Yes, these mats can be used in both indoor and outdoor places such as kitchens, bathrooms, laundries, and sanitation areas of mosques.

The cleaning and maintenance of ablution carpets and mats requires some expertise and experience. We suggest getting professional care and maintenance services for ablution area mats.

Yes, our ablution area mats are designed with unique materials that offer complete protection to users against slipping. Therefore, they are a must-have in all sanitation spaces.

Yes, Shaggy Rugs provides a complete range of size options for ablution flooring mats.

You can choose any specific size and color for these mats.

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