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Shaggy Rugs brings you the best servicing range for your bathrooms and shower stalls which is Bathroom Renovation Dubai. Our exclusive remodeling services will create the most stylish, functional, safe, comfortable, and hygienic bathroom interiors.

Best Bathroom Renovation Dubai

We provide Modern Bathroom Renovations Services in Dubai 

Our company is a specialized provider of bathroom interior renovation and remodeling services at both residential and commercial levels. We will design the most inviting lavatories for you at affordable rates. Besides, this servicing is the best way to increase your property’s overall worth and resale value.

Modern Bathroom Remodeling
Modern Bathroom Remodeling

This range includes Contemporary, Spa-like, Coastal, and Industrial Bathroom Renovation Dubai, mostly involving sleek and neutral structures and luxurious lighting fixtures.

Traditional Bathroom Designs
Traditional Bathroom Designs

This collection has the interior design options of Rustic, Scandinavian, Mid-century Modern and Eclectic styles, mainly featuring classic touches and tones.

Luxury Bathroom Renovation
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Remarkable Benefits Of Our Bathroom Renovation Dubai

Enhanced Appearance
Enhanced Beautification

Getting your bathrooms and shower stalls redesigned by us will provide you with the most welcoming and pleasant sanitation spaces.

Better Functionality
Better Functionality

We make your bathrooms highly functional and convenient to use by adding smart fixtures, storage, better lighting and time-saving structures.

Improved Energy Efficiency
Improved Energy Efficiency

Our bathroom designing will significantly reduce your energy expenses as we install high-end, energy-efficient and water-saving fixtures, lighting, and plumbing.

Better Hygiene
Better Hygiene

We make your bathroom spaces easy to clean and hygienic by adding stain-resistant and mold and mildew-proof structures and treatments.

Btahroom Renovation Dubai

Book Our Custom Renovation Services For Your Bathrooms 

Our custom bathroom interior modification is the best treatment to design and style your bathroom in accordance with your taste and preferences.

We offer a range of unique and outstanding ideas to renovate and restyle your restrooms, making them an attractive-looking and valuable part of your homes. For the customized bathroom and living room renovation, you can select any material, finish, and pattern for flooring, plumbing, fixtures, lighting, storage, and accessorizing.

We provide quartz, granite, tile, and marble fixtures, luxurious walk-in shower spaces, freestanding bathtubs, built-in and freestanding storage and shelving, and high-quality floor treatments.

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How We Transform And Create Your Dream Bathroom Space

We serve you with the fastest, most efficient, and cheapest bathroom renovation in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. You can get specialized bathroom and kitchen remodeling plans from us, right according to your functional requirements and aesthetic preferences. This treatment will provide you with a range of mental and physical benefits and enhanced residential resale value.

Consultations And Plannings
Consultations And Plannings

We provide free of cost consultation services to educate you about the most suitable interior design trends, materials and features.

Renovations And Designings copy
Renovations And Designings

We renovate and remodel your entire bathroom’s floorings, wall treatments, MEP fixtures, shower stalls, bathtubs, countertops, sinks, faucets and vanity.

Finishing Touches And Accessorizing
Finishing Touches And Accessorizing

At this point, you can have any desired treatments, servicing and enhancements like artwork, hardware, soft floorings and window coverings.

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Providing Highly Efficient Yet Cost-effective Restroom Remodelings 

At Shaggy Rugsyou can find a perfect and well-suited renovation plan for both large and small-scale bathrooms according to your budget and requirements.

We provide low-cost, durable, and low-maintenance materials and structural additions for bathroom and shower stall spaces. The entire bathroom interior modification cost at our platform is highly affordable and it will prove to be the most beneficial home improvement for you.

Additionally, we also fix all the damages and functional imperfections of your lavatories, making your bathrooms completely useful. This also leads to fewer water and electricity bills. Contact us to discuss your Cheap Bathroom Renovation plan today!

Expert Bathroom Renovation Services

Our Modern Bathroom Area Renovation Designs 2023

Onyx Marble Bathroom Renovation
Stunning Bathroom Renovation
Neon Blu Bathroom Renovation
Luxury Bathroom Renovation
Minimalist Grey Bathroom Renovation
Modern Bathroom Renovation
LED Lighted Bathroom Renovation

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Versatile Bathroom Renovation

Why Choose Us?

Shaggy Rugs is the ideal brand to choose whenever you’re looking for a bathroom remodel near me. We provide trendsetting bathroom renovation ideas and services to help improve the ambiance, value, functionality, and benefits of your restrooms. Investing in our Custom bathroom renovation Dubai services will provide you with endless comfort and ease of usage.

Increased Safety And Air Quality
Increased Safety And Air Quality

Our bathroom space design and renovation provide you with completely safe, anti-slip, and non-toxic surfaces and surroundings.

Presentable And Accessible Organization
Presentable And Accessible Organization

We have space-efficient and aesthetically attractive storage units and cabinetry for your bathrooms, dressing rooms, and vanities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Usually, a bathroom remodeling and renovation takes around 4 to 6 weeks for completion. However, factors like project scope, size of the bathroom, design complexity, and additional customization can impact the overall timeline of the remodeling project.

The pricing for bathroom interior remodeling can range between 20,000 AED and 60,000 AED in accordance with the size of the bathroom and project scope. Besides, if you want high-end materials like granite, glass and marble work, then the cost is likely to increase.

Yes. A professional designer and renovator is necessary to achieve the best results from a bathroom area remodeling.

Professionals ensure flawlessness regarding every service and treatment and there is no time and material wastage as well, unlike DIY attempts.

There are various eco-friendly and sustainable elements that you can add to your bathrooms.

Some examples are energy-efficient fixtures and materials, stone countertops, recycled tile and bamboo flooring, LEDs that consume less electricity and proper ventilation systems.

This entirely depends on the kind of remodelings and renovations you want. Minor renovations like finishes and fixture changes don’t require any permit.

However, if your remodeling involves major structural changes and demolition such as wall and fixture moving, then a permit is necessary.

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