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Shaggy Rugs presents to you the most efficient, long-lasting, and budget-friendly servicing range for Living Room Renovation Dubai. We will design the perfect living room interior to enhance your property’s value and benefit your lifestyle.

Best Living Room Renovation Dubai

Providing High-Quality Renovation & Remodeling Services

We provide the most beneficial, well-tailored, and cost-effective services for the ideal living room interior design. Our excellence will fulfill all your functional and decorative requirements, creating cozy and inviting spaces. These are the featured services we provide for living room area remodeling:

Mid-Range Renovations

Within our minor and mid-range renovating service lineup, we provide all kinds of cosmetic changes, floor, ceiling, window & wall treatments and decorative additions.

Major Renovations

These include new wall, window and skylight installations, electric, plumbing and mechanical fittings and relocations, fireplace installations, storage additions, and complete space overhauls.

Living Room Renovation in Dubai
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Outstanding Aspects Of Our Living Room Renovation Dubai

Unique Decor

We shall design the most beautiful, welcoming, noise-free, and pleasant living room spaces, right according to your preferences and taste.

Better Functionality

Our remodelings, renovations, and enhancements will make every nook and corner of your living rooms useful, cozy, and entirely presentable.

Improved Comfort

You will experience major usage comfort and convenience with our services and can enjoy the most low-maintenance additions and upgrades.

Enhanced Energy Efficiency

All our added products and treatments will provide you with well-balanced interior temperatures, healthy air quality and lower energy expenses.

Beautiful Living room Renovation
Luxury Living room Renovation

Design The Best Customized Living Room With Us

Shaggy Rugs will be your trustworthy living room renovation Dubai partner in creating the finest-looking, most comfortable, luxurious, and long-term beneficial living room interiors.

We provide high-end and affordable structural elements, furniture, decor, lighting, and technology integrations to design the perfect living room for you. You can have your favorite wall, window, floor, and ceiling treatments and get exclusive multi-functional furniture from us as well.

Additionally, we provide unique custom-made rugs, seating, storage solutions, accessorizing furniture like end and coffee tables, and a range of classy decor accents.

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We Offer Quick & Favorable Living Room Renovation in Dubai

We are the top-notch residential and commercial renovation services provider in the entire UAE. With us, you don’t have to be concerned in any way and can leave the entire procedure to us. We ensure fast and incredible services to make you enjoy your new living room decor as early as possible.

Planning And Designing

We craft the finest and most suitable living room interior design for you by considering all your bespoke customizations, preferences and requirements.

Renovating And Remodeling

From the foundation of the living room structure to the finishing touches, we carry out each process with great attention to detail.

Beautifying And Accessorizing

We add in attractive-looking and time-saving elements like task and accent lighting, automatic window treatments, technological integrations and smart storage solutions.

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Get Affordable Yet High-quality Remodelings For Your Living Rooms

Our best living room renovation company is known for providing entirely budget-friendly and cost-effective home remodeling and decor services.

We have a suitable pricing range for every budget and will help you enjoy a transformed living room space without any trouble. In addition to that, we make use of the most durable materials for renovating and remodeling your living rooms to give you the best value for your money.

All our structural enhancements, decorative additions, furnishing, and seating solutions are highly pocket-friendly and you can also get them customized at cheap prices. Besides, our remodel servicing will improve the resale value of your place, offering long-term benefits.

Living Room Renovation

Our Highlighted Living Room Improvement Projects 2023

Modern Living Room Renovation
#1 Living Room Renovation
Perfect Living Room Renovation in Dubai
Living Room Renovation Dubai
Special Living Room Renovation
Living Room Renovation Dubai

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Living Room Renovation

Why Choose Us?

Shaggy Rugs is the best company to choose for modern living room renovation Dubai and nearby cities. We offer a complete package of remodeling services for the ideal transformation of your living space. With us, you can turn your living rooms into the comfiest and most pleasant areas of your home.

Traditional And Modern Decors

We provide all kinds of living room decor designing per your preferences such as Eclectic, Boho, Mid-century modern, Scandinavian, Industrial, Shabby, Coastal and Classic themes

Better Health And Well-Being

Getting your living room spaces renovated by us will provide you with various benefits such as improved usage ease, comfortable seating, warm interiors and mental peace

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Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the most important factors that should be focused during a living room area renovation include maximally functional stuff, enough lighting, comfortable and ergonomic furnishing, balance of colors and textures and energy-efficient structural treatments like floor coverings.

This depends on the kind of renovation work/treatment you wish to get done. Minor services like paint jobs or floor treatments do not require a permit. However, major services like demolition of walls, electrical and plumbing work, and the installation of new doors and windows are likely to require permits.

There are multiple smart approaches to adding storage to a living room.

These include making the most out of walls with built-in or floating cabinetry and/or shelving, adding furniture with built-in storage and decorative bins or baskets for putting essentials.

This depends on the scope of the remodeling project and any additional customization services you want to get.

Usually, renovation services start from around 1,500 AED for a square meter, including services like ceiling and flooring treatments, MEP work, and furniture additions.

Basic living room remodeling (mid-range renovations) can be done in one or two weeks.

Whereas detailed renovations are likely to require up to 4 to 6 weeks or more, depending on materials, personalizations and unique designing requirements.

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