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Shaggy Rugs is here to offer you the best and most affordable Villa Renovation for the ideal design of your villa interiors and exteriors. We make your properties luxurious, comfortable, inviting, and greatly valuable.

Villa Renovation

We Provide Trendy Villa Designing Styles In Dubai

At our best villa interior renovation company in Dubai, we provide all kinds of modern renovation services like Kitchen renovation, Bathroom renovation, Bedroom Renovation, etc. You can transform the whole look of both your new and old villas with us. Here are some of the popular styles of our innovative villa remodeling.

Classic Villa Interior Renovation
Classic Villa Interior Renovation

This includes Mediterranean and Tudor interior designs, neutral color schemes, warm tones, natural floor, ceiling and wall treatment materials, and other traditional details.

Contemporary Villa Space Remodeling
Contemporary Villa Space Remodeling

This type of renovation involves modern interior styles, minimalist designs, open-plan floors, natural floor and storage materials, sleek furnishing and technology integrations.

Villa Renovation Dubai
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Advantages Of Getting Your Villas Renovated And Remodeled By Us

Inviting Decor

Our luxury villa renovation Dubai servicing will beautify the entire look of your villa and make it extremely pleasant and satisfying.

Comfort Addition
Comfort Addition

We make your spaces highly comfortable and healthy for your well-being, improving the insulation, indoor air quality, and noise reduction.

Easy Upkeep
Easy Upkeep

All the materials, structures, products and furnishing we offer are completely stain and impact resistant, durable and low-maintenance as well.

Improved Worth
Improved Worth

Getting Villa Interior Renovation in Dubai is the best way to increase your place’s resale value and attract potential buyers.

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We Provide Finely Customized Villa Space Renovations

Ours is the best villa renovation company in Dubai and we serve you with the most unique interior and exterior designs of your places.

We create entirely functional, easy-to-handle, and relaxing home environments, right according to your bespoke design statement. You can get your hands on your dream home decor with our quick, efficient, and innovative servicing.

For indoor and outdoor upgrades, we provide room reconfigurations, storage solutions, HVAC system upgrades, and insulating and soundproofing window and door treatments.

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How We Transform And Design Your Dubai Villas

For a quick overview, we provide luxury and long-lasting villa renovation Dubai services like villa kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms, loft conversions, outdoor area renovations, basement conversions, and villa extensions (addition of more square footage) as well. Additionally, you can get luxurious, durable, and attractive outdoor decks, pergolas, gazebos, and patio designing from us too.

Consultations And Quotations

We provide free quotations and project pricing estimates and you can get detailed consultations from our experts for all your requirements

Minimum Time Frame
Planning And Designing

We map out your desired villa design and send 3d as well as physical models for any modifications, minimizing or enhancements

Servicing And Treatments

We create your ideal villa interior and exterior design rapidly, with maximum perfection and minimal destructions and health or safety hazards

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We Offer Budget-friendly Plans For Villa Remodeling Treatments

Shaggy Rugs will be your most reliable companion in designing the villa space of your dreams. In addition to providing excellence in every servicing and treatment, we also ensure making every procedure pocket-friendly for you.

Even if you’re on a tight budget, we have the most affordable and cost-effective remodeling plans and services for you. Additionally, we design your place with extremely durable, low-maintenance, and long-term favorable materials.

We offer affordable, luxurious, and value-for-money flooring treatments, paint jobs, wall paneling, wallpapers, window treatments and coverings, built-in and floating storage and cabinetry, energy-efficient appliances, and water-saving fixtures.

Villa Renvation

Our Trendy Villa Renovation Dubai Projects 2024

Villa Kitchen Renovation
Sustainable Villa Renovation
Smart Villa Renovation
Stylish Villa Renovation
Modern Villa Renovation
Luxury Villa Renovation
Historic Villa Renovation
Bathroom Renovation

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Amazing Villa Renovation

Why Choose Us?

Shaggy Rugs is the ideal provider of remodelings and villa renovation Dubai and has been serving homeowners for decades. We design your dream villas with matchless perfection and our services are entirely value-for-money. You can enjoy endless functional and aesthetic benefits, maximum comfort and convenience, and improved health and well-being with our services.

Free Material Sampling

We provide you with free samples of the construction, roofing, flooring, storage, fabrication, interior structures, and furnishing materials.

Sustainable Servicing

Our remodeling and renovation services will keep your villa interiors attractive-looking, functional, time-saving, comfortable, and valuable for long.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Considerable factors for a villa remodel planning are budget, scope of the project, timeline that works for you, materials, and a clear idea of the entire design. Besides, in case of major renovations, you may need to ensure getting permits and property insurance.

Minor villa remodeling and renovations can be done in nearly 3 to 6 months, whereas moderate scale ones are likely to require up to 9 months. As for major interior renovations, they can require 9 to 12 months or even more for completion, depending on the team members working and projects’ requirements.

For this purpose, you can get recommendations, references and different quotations.

Besides, checking licensing and insurance is also important to ensure a trouble-free experience. Shaggy Rugs is a renowned provider of villa remodeling, renovation, and interior designing in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Any area of a villa can be renovated and remodeled for improved functionality, usage convenience and beautification.

The most common examples in this regard are bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms and outdoors.

This entirely depends on what kind of renovation you’re getting and the scope of the project.

You can live in your villa if the servicing poses no health and safety hazard and if you can tolerate all the disruptions and noise. Otherwise, you might need to look for alternatives.

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