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Shaggy Rugs brings you the best commercial interior upgrade servicing which is Office Renovation Dubai. We provide the finest and most high-end office and workspace remodeling services and will help you design entirely welcoming and comfortable commercial spaces.

Office Renovation Dubai

We Provide Latest Office Interior Renovations Services 

We offer the most effective remodelings for your commercial offices in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. Our services will create the ideal workspace interior for you which will be comforting, inviting, presentable, highly functional, and time-saving. Besides, you can make all your commercial properties extremely valuable with our services.

Modern Office Remodeling
Modern Office Remodeling

This remodeling includes Contemporary, Mid Century, Modern, and Minimalist styles and are characterized by sleek, minimal and elegant designs, and bright interiors.

Traditional Office Interior Renovation

Industrial, Scandinavian, Classic, and Eclectic interior styles are included in this renovation and they feature rich, dark colored furnishing, and natural materials.

Best Office Renovation Dubai
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Top Advantages Of Our Office Renovation Services 

Increased Productivity

Renovating and remodeling your workspace is the best way to ensure maximum productivity through modern and well-lit interior designing.

Best Brand Image

Remodeling helps create a professional-looking interior, leading to a better brand image by attracting more potential partners and clients.

Better Space Utilization

Remodeling ensures that every inch of your office interior becomes useful with smart storage units and efficient space planning.

Enhanced Comfort
Enhanced Comfort

Remodeling and redesigning your office with comfortable, ergonomic and easily accessible furnishing helps with productivity enhancement and constant working.

Luxury Office Renovation Dubai
Top-quality Office Renovation

Style Your Dream Workspace Interior With The Best Office Renovation Company

At Shaggy Rugs, we provide the most suitable, efficient, and long-term favorable ideas and plans for the improvement of your workspace interiors.

With us, you can enjoy modern, attractive-looking, space-efficient, and maximally functional office interiors. This way, you can ensure significantly better growth of business and fulfillment of all marketing and engagement goals.

In addition to the available styles of office area renovation at our company, you can also get custom designing services for the most unique interior decor.

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How We Create And Decorate The Most Useful Workspaces For You

We serve you with well-designed and ideally suitable residential like kitchen renovation, living room renovation services and commercial workspaces and you’ll find our services to be incredibly quick and beneficial.

With our services, you can experience the most inspiring, collaborative, and inviting workspaces and ensure achieving all your objectives. Our office renovation Dubai services are extremely quick yet flawless and disruption-free.

Planning And Prepping

We design the most suitable renovation and remodeling plan for your home office or commercial workspace, following your requirements.

Renovating and designing
Renovating And Designing

We remodel all the furnishing, MEP fixtures, and flooring, wall and ceiling treatments of your power offices, cubicles, and receptions.

Furnishing And Enhancing
Furnishing And Enhancing

We design your workspace interiors with the finest and most durable furniture, work surfaces, countertops, storage units, multimedia, and decorations.

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Get Your Next Budget-friendly Office Renovation Plan From Us

We provide extensive, versatile, and space-efficient remodeling plans for both small and large-scale workspaces. Our experts have the best solutions for all your preferences and needs and will create the ideal office for you on a budget.

You can have instant and long-term benefits from our servicing and the best value for your investment. We offer fully reasonable renovation services for both minor requirements and complete area remodeling.

We’ll make your workplaces aesthetically attractive and convenient to use, with the added benefit of energy efficiency.

Office Renovation Supplier

Our Office Interior Renovation Projects

Amazing Office Renovation
Classic Office Renovation
Stylish Office Renovation
Best Office Renovation Services
Classic Office Renovation
Top Quality Office Renovation

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Premium Quality Office Renovation

Why Choose Us?

Shaggy Rugs is the top-rated provider of trendsetting home office and commercial workplace remodeling. We have served a range of businesses and can create the most suitable spaces for you in accordance with your work culture and requirements. Our office renovation Dubai services are completely budget-friendly yet cost-effective.

Reduced Maintenance Needs
Reduced Maintenance Needs

We renovate your workspaces with damage-resistant and durable materials to make them easy and cheap to maintain.

Better Interaction And Collaboration
Better Interaction And Collaboration

We make every area of your offices and workplaces well-defined and functional for easy and smooth collaborations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Renovating and remodeling an office interior offers a number of advantages such as improved productivity, smooth collaborations, great impact on visitors and clients, better safety and comfort, more energy efficiency, lesser energy and maintenance expenses and good workflow.

The most important aspect to take care of is to choose renowned, licensed and insured renovation contractors. Afterwards, you should have a look at their testimonials and previous accomplishments. Having a well-defined budget is also an important part of office remodeling.

The average cost for a square meter of basic office remodeling costs between 1,000 AED and 3,000 AED and this varies with various materials, services, and customizations.

The overall pricing depends on the location and size of your office and the nature of renovation/

In general, office remodeling and renovation can be done anywhere between 6 and 12 weeks, in accordance with the size of the office and the complexity of the remodeling services.

Besides, any unique customization requirements may also extend the timeframe of project completion.

Whether or not you can carry out your business operation during a renovation mainly depends on its type and length.

If the extent of disruption is tolerable, you can continue to work. You can have detailed discussions with the contractor in this regard to make appropriate arrangements.

The usual permits required for a workspace renovation include Building, Electrical, Plumbing, Mechanical, Fire, Zoning, and Historic Preservation permits.

Depending on the nature of your remodeling job, you may or may not need to get additional permits as well.

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