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Shaggy Rugs presents to you home improvement servicing which is Kitchen Renovation for the ideal upgrade of your kitchen interiors. We provide trendsetting designing and remodeling services for both big and small kitchens in Dubai & Abu Dhabi.

Best Kitchen Renovation Dubai

Modern And Trendy Kitchen Renovation Styles

With us, you can explore entirely unique and highly attractive kitchen and living room renovations for statement decor. We have the most suitable and purposeful kitchen renovation Dubai ideas for every kitchen space, whether the goal is space-saving, beauty-enhancing, or functional improvements.

Classic Theme Renovations

These include warm, inviting and attractive, Traditional, Farmhouse, Scandinavian and Eclectic style kitchen decors, with a primary focus on natural structures and materials.

Contemporary Style Remodelings

These involve Modern, Transitional, Coastal, and Industrial kitchen interior styles, which mostly feature sleek, minimal and bright interior elements, touches, and design details.

Luxury Kitchen Renovation Dubai
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Why Should You Invest In Kitchen Renovation Dubai?

Improved Resale Value

Our kitchen renovation in Dubai lead to a significantly high property value, hence offering you long-term benefits.

Inviting Aesthetics

We’ll design and decorate your kitchens in unique ways, making them highly pleasant to work in and ensuring mental peace.

Useful Functionality
Useful Functionality

We improve your kitchen spaces with innovative, functional, time-saving, easy-to-handle, and energy efficient additions, treatments, and products.

Low Maintenance
Low Maintenance

We make every inch of your kitchen interior easy and cheap to maintain with stain-resistant fixtures, floorings, countertops, and storage.

Stunning Kitchen Renovation in Dubai
Kitchen Renovation in Dubai

Design Your Dream Customized Kitchen Interior With Us

Shaggy Rugs is the best specialist if you’re looking forward to having a custom kitchen design. We have endless outstanding ideas to create the perfect kitchen that best suits your lifestyle, taste, and requirements.

The cost of this servicing is highly affordable and we treat your areas with extremely long-lasting and cost-effective materials.

You can get premium-quality stainless steel appliances, luxurious marble, granite, and quartz countertops, high-end floorings, modern and classic storage and shelving, durable wall treatments, and decorative accessories.

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We Provide Fast And Affordable Kitchen Area Remodeling

With our excellence, you can uniquely beautify your kitchens and make them comfortable, cozy, delightful, and convenient for working. Our servicing helps improve the available space in your kitchen and work efficiency as well. Not to mention that better sustainability is another benefit of getting your kitchen renovation Dubai by us.

Layout Planning And Consultation

We design the entire look of your kitchen interior and will suggest you the most favorable customizations and modifications..

Material And Structural Upgrades
Material And Structural Upgrades

We update all the layout, flooring, wall treatments, appliances, ventilation systems, storage, MEP systems, stove, countertops and fixtures.

Aesthetic Touches And Accessorizing

We add all the final decorative treatments like under cabinet lighting, warm tones, and pop of color through different textures.

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Get The Most Budget-friendly And Valuable Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen interior upgrades don’t always have to be costly, therefore Shaggy Rugs has come up with the most affordable servicing for you.

We provide a range of low-cost yet entirely cost-effective services for improving the look, functionality, and value of your kitchen spaces. You can get your kitchen spaces remodeled with the most long-lasting, low-maintenance, and profitable materials from us.

We make your kitchens a valuable part of your home and make it easy and comfortable for you to work there, all this completely on a budget. Get in touch to book your next kitchen remodel today!

Kitchen Renovation

Our Highlighted Kitchen Area Remodel Projects 

#1 Kitchen Renovation Dubai
High Quality Kitchen Renovation Dubai
Special Kitchen Renovation
Beautiful Kitchen Renovation
Versatile Kitchen Renovation
Perfect Kitchen Renovation in Dubai

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Kitchen Renovation Services

Why Choose Us?

We are the top-rated platform for residential and commercial kitchen space renovations. We provide complete layout, material, functional, and structural upgrades for small and large kitchens. Our kitchen renovation Dubai services are reasonably priced, premium-quality, value-for-money, and long-term advantageous. Moreover, you can get all kinds of customized treatments from us.

Endless Health Benefits

Getting your kitchens renovated by us will improve ventilation and make your area highly functional.

Increased Area Safety

We offer mold-free, non-toxic, anti-slip, and child-safe products and treatments for your kitchens, making them completely safe.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In general, a kitchen interior renovation is likely to require around 10 to 12 weeks. Projects that involve replacements can be completed in 6 to 8 weeks. The size of your kitchen and the scope of the renovation project are the main factors that impact the overall timeline.

The average pricing for kitchen area remodeling starts from 15,000 AED and it can reach up to 100,000 AED, depending on the size of your space, project’s scope, and whether or not you want any customized design details and materials.

Some of the popular materials for kitchen countertops are Marble, Granite, Wood, Tile, Quartz, Concrete, Soapstone, Porcelain, Ceramic, Decorative Laminate, Plywood, Slate and Stone.

Additionally, you can also get glass tiles per a decorative and highly luxurious treatment.

Yes, you can have any desired layout and styling for your kitchen while it’s being renovated.

We provide a range of ideas to choose from and you can also have custom changes in this regard. However, this servicing is meant to require more time than updating an existing layout.

Of course. Kitchen area remodeling is one of the best treatments to increase your property’s value.

A nicely designed and luxurious kitchen is the most likely to attract buyers, hence a cost-effective investment that will provide you with long-term benefits.

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