Privacy Policy

This is the detailed description of the Privacy Policy for Shaggy Rugssummarizing all the interactions and visits of users on the official website. This policy includes all kinds of Marketing, Sales and Events, in addition to all the other services that are being provided. In the following, we have stated all the privacy rights of our customers and website users when they interact with us, along with all the options/choices they get entitlement to.

Customers can always reach out to us at for all kinds of concerns and questions.

What Personal Information Do We Collect?

When customers interact with and fill out the contact form available at our website, they can go through all the data that has been collected as they make any product purchases and/or hire any services. This personal information generally consists of the customer’s name, their email address, contact number, contents of their message and any additional attachments. If the customer wishes to provide any other data, it will also be a part of the information received by us.

For the purposes of account registration, we ask for the customer’s personal information which includes their name, email address, organization or company name, and residential or commercial address.

How Is The Obtained Data Processed?

The personal data that we collect from the users can be used for multiple purposes, such as:

  • Operating and maintaining of the website
  • Expansion and improvement of the website
  • Understanding and analyzing website usage
  • Adding and developing new features and services
  • Detecting and preventing scams
  • Reaching out to the customers

With Whom And When Is The Obtained Data Shared?

The information received from the customers may be shared for specific purposes with any necessary third parties. This is usually done for objectives and circumstances like adding to the assets, organizational and business mergers and complete and partial Under Business Transfer.

For How Long Is The Obtained Data Kept?

The personal data obtained from customers is kept until all or some of the purposes that have been mentioned in the Privacy Policy get fulfilled. Moreover, the data is also used to fulfill all customer requirements. This is also applicable for all the law requirements and revisions.

Log Files 

Our official website makes use of Log Files in accordance with the standard procedures. The information that we receive through log files includes the IP addresses of the customers, their ISP’s, the types of their browsers, Date and Time Stamps, Exit Pages, Referring and number of clicks they make.

Cookies And Web Beacons 

The official website of Shaggy Rugs makes use of cookies and web beacons in order to learn about and analyze preferences of the customers and the pages they visited or accessed. The information that gets collected is utilized for the purposes of improving customer’s experience while using the website, based on their preferences.

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) Data Protection Rights 

Here is the complete summary of the data protection rights of our customers.

  • Right To Access Information
  • Right To Make Corrections To The Provided Data
  • Right To Delete/Erase Provided Data
  • Right To Restrict Data Processing
  • Right To Raise Objections 
  • Right For Information Transfer

Child Safety

Shaggy Rugs highly advises all the parents and guardians to be aware of all the online activity of their kids, ensure taking all the possible precautionary measures and make necessary engagements. At the official website of Shaggy Rugs, we strictly take all the safety measures regarding the usage of the internet. In case the parents or guardians believe that any unauthorized information given to the website is provided by children under 13, they must immediately request the removal of data or restrict its processing.