Buy High-Quality & Long-lasting Wall Panels In Dubai

Are you looking for the best solution for wall treatment? Shaggy Rugs offers a custom variety of durable and stylish panels for walls of your living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, office, hotel, restaurant, and shop. Our professionally designed wall coverings keep your wall surface dust, stain, and mold-free for a prolonged period.

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Highly Functional Wall Paneling Materials We Offer

Shaggy Rugs has a huge collection of wall treatments for every wall type and interior decor theme. You can select any desired material, stain, pattern, and finish to give the most inviting look to your interiors. We also provide custom-designed wall panels Dubai.

Natural Material Paneling
Natural Material Paneling

This range includes Wood, Particleboard, Shiplap, Beadboard, Board and Pattern, and Raised paneling styles, perfect for creating statement decors.

Synthetic Material PanelsSynthetic Material Panels
Synthetic Material Panels

This collection features MDF, Fabric, Glass, Metal, PVC, Mirrored, and 3d Panels, best suitable if you want to create an eye-catching interior.

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Remarkable Features Of Our Heavy-duty Wall Panels Dubai

Finest Decor
Finest Decor

Our paneling treatment will provide you with the most beautiful, welcoming and valuable interiors, a highly attractive interior improvement.

Improved Insulation
Improved Insulation

The addition of these panels adds maximum warmth to your spaces, helps balance the temperature and lowers energy expenses.

Noise Dampening
Noise Dampening

These thick and sturdy panels make your commercial and residential spaces completely disruption-free with effective noise reduction.

Easier Maintenance
Easy Maintenance

All our wall cladding and paneling types are stain and scratch-resistant and extremely easy to clean as well.

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Get Uniquely Customized Wall Treatments From Us

In addition to the finest quality pre-styled panels for walls, we also provide custom wallpaper for wall treatment.

This way, you can easily design your homes and offices just the way you want and enjoy added beautification and functionality. Additionally, we provide a range of on-site treatments, finishes, accessorizing, staining and decorative touches as well.

You can get various unique wall treatments such as Intricate Wood Paneling, Illuminated Panels, Textured Concrete Panels, Interactive, and Recycled Paneling.

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How We Treat And Style Your Home Walls With Hard-wearing Panels

With us, you can enjoy the smoothest, quickest, and most trouble-free home improvements through a panel treatment. We not only add premium-quality wall panels Dubai but also treat and fix all their damages and imperfections for added benefits. This fast yet effective wall treatment will majorly increase the resale value of your homes and offices.

Free Consultations And Measurements
Free Consultations And Measurements

We measure your desired area walls for free and you can have all kinds of helpful consultations from our experts.

Preparations And Treatments
Preparations And Treatments

We remove the existing coverings from your walls and prep them with heavy-duty primers for effective, flawless, and long-lasting results.

Wall Paneling And Cladding

We install premium-grade panels on your walls or carry out the cladding treatment in no time and with minimal disturbance.

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Our Recent Projects

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3D Wall Panel
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We Provide Cheap Yet Durable Wall Panels in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

We have the most affordable and cost-effective options for wall decorative paneling and cladding materials. This servicing will cost you a minimum and still make a great difference; enhancing the beauty, comfort, and worth of your places.

Not to mention the added perks of better insulation, energy efficiency, temperature balancing, and the easy maintenance of all walls. Moreover, you can get this heavy-duty treatment for outdoor walls too.

All our wall cladding and paneling materials are available at budget-friendly rates and you can have them custom styled on a budget as well. Reach out today to book the best wall servicing!

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Why Choose Us?

Shaggy Rugs is a top-notch specialist of residential and commercial wall treatments in the UAE. We provide the trendiest wall panels Dubai services. Our wall coverings will give the most attractive finish to your place’s interior decor and will complement all the furnishing and other stuff as well.

Weather-Resistant Treatment

Our PVC Wall Panels and other paneling options are completely resistant to atmospheric damages and will last for years straight.

Cost-Effective Improvement

The upfront cost of wall panels at our shop is highly affordable and this treatment is extremely value-for-money and beneficial.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Though our panels for walls are easy to fit, it’s highly recommended to get professional services for a smooth and flawless look. Experts carry out all the procedures with perfection from measuring to finishing and ensure no material wastage and quick process completion.

Yes, we provide multiple eco-friendly, sustainable and all-natural options for wall interior paneling. These include Bamboo Panels, Recycle Wood, Metal and Plastic Panels, Linen Panels. Cork Panels and Wool Panels. You can choose any depending on your styling requirements.

You can easily maintain a paneling treatment with regular dusting using a soft cloth.

Besides, a mild and suitable cleaner (according to paneling material) and warm water can also be used occasionally. Additionally, it’s a good idea to invest in protective sealants to prevent damage.

Of course, wall Dubai paneling is the best treatment to give commercial walls a luxurious, attractive and presentable look.

Besides, paneling also makes the wall easy to care for and protect them from all kinds of wear and tear and atmospheric impacts.

Yes. The installation of wall decorative panels offers extraordinary insulation for all interiors and helps lessen energy expenses.

Besides, they also contribute to balancing the temperature and improving air quality indoors.