What Are The Factors To Consider When Choosing Silk Rugs?

Rugs are the perfect interior accessorizing element to incorporate into your living outdoor and indoor spaces. But getting a comfy floor cover is everyone’s 1st approach, therefore silk is preferable. Rugs made of silk fibers are the symbol of elegance because of their rich sheen and cozy appearance. Any formal or informal room can be styled with these sumptuous rugs.

For the instant revival of your living spaces along with enhanced comfort, stability, and insulation, silk rugs are a valuable investment. Whether you are purchasing them for your corporate offices or living spaces, you need to be considerate about certain aspects when selecting one. In this comprehensive article by Shaggy Rugs, we’ve discussed the essential points in detail that you must bear in mind before making a purchase.

Considerable Factors For Selecting Ideal Silk Rugs For Your Living Spaces

These rugs are made from natural fibers, featuring different styles and appearances depending on their construction type and blends of materials. When purchasing them to cover your floors, you have to overlook various essential aspects that are listed below.

1. Get To Know Its Purpose

Get To Know Its Purpose

The first thing that you must consider when deciding on silk outdoor rugs is their purpose and how you are going to use them. Investing in an art piece requires utmost attention in functional terms, so, you need to think about what purpose you are purchasing, either functional or just decorative.

Consider the foot traffic in the area they are going to style and the intensity of usage while keeping in mind the presence of kids and pets in your residential and commercial spaces.

2. Never Compromise The Room Decor

Never Compromise The Room Decor

The assessment of the space is also a noticeable factor to consider to create a well-organized and cohesive interior look. Whether you are buying them for the living room or bedroom, have a look around the existing room essentials and furnishing elements to find the complementary style.

The interior design of the space can be modern or traditional with minimal or manifold accessories. You have to select the style that suits your preferences and aligns with the existing aesthetics perfectly.

3. Learn About Different Types Of Silk Material

Learn About Different Types Of Silk Material

Silk is renowned for its prestige appeal and sophistication with its aesthetic fibrous appearance. However, not all silk rugs offer same features because they are made from either genuine or faux silk fibers.

Pure silk is made from authentic materials and artificial or faux silk features a blend of viscose, rayon, and other synthetic fibers. You can notice the difference in the sheen, fibers, and pile heights of rugs made from raw natural or artificial faux fiber materials.

4. Know About Knots Or Pile Density

Know About Knots Or Pile Density

Knots per inch or pile density of the rugs must be properly checked before purchasing as it helps to determine their quality. The higher the knots per inch, the more durable your rug will be.

Additionally, the weight and pile density should be inspected through the woven threads. Notice the fibers are loosely or tightly woven so that they don’t shed after some time or show signs of wear and tear.

5. Select Right Colors, Patterns, & Textures

Select Right Colors, Patterns, & Textures

When you are satisfied with the quality of your soft furnishing, now is the time to pick the ideal color for these essentials. Colors must be selected considering the overall interior scheme to not make a space look overwhelming from the dark, neutral, or vibrant options.

Additionally, you can select from a never-ending range of minimal to detailed, and neutral or embroidered pattern options. Aside from distinct layouts and textures, the shapes of these rugs can be selected from oval, round, square, hexagonal, octagonal, and irregular ones to suit individual spaces.

6. Double-Check The Rug Quality

Double-Check The Rug Quality

To get a rug of premium quality and craftsmanship, it is important to determine whether you are investing in a genuine rug. For a better value for your investment, inspect the production region of the rugs you are purchasing for your living spaces.

For this purpose, you can look for the tags, certificates, and labels of each accessory that are individually crafted by the weavers of different regions. Usually, these rugs are crafted taking inspiration from Turkish and Persian motifs.

7. Inspect Their Price Tags

Inspect Their Price Tags

Rugs made from silk fibers are relatively expensive than other fiber materials in the UAE market. Whether you choose a simple style or a patterned or embroidered one, they will be still more expensive than other floor accessory types. If someone sells you silk rugs at cheap prices, it will indicate the low-quality craftsmanship.

However, you can bargain about the prices according to your budget requirements. But you must be cautious to not purchase a cheap one at low prices because it will soon begin to shed or wear out due to daily foot traffic.

8. Ask About The Maintenace Routines

Ask About The Maintenace Routines

Considering rug quality, feel, and durability, it’s also crucial to shop for a rug that is easily maintainable. To ensure that your purchased flooring essentials will stay with you for generations, make sure it is UV, stain, fade, and moisture resistant for easier upkeep.

Despite daily use, the rugs should sustain their shape and feel. In addition to that, buy soft furnishings that can be easily cleaned using homemade detergents. You can inquire about the silk rug type that is effortless to maintain and clean.

To Conclude!

To style your residential or commercial floors, exotic silk rugs are one of the finest and most luxurious choices to settle for. Made from natural fiber material, these furnishing accessories need to be selected with utmost care and precision considering the function, purpose, space design, and intended area foot traffic.

Evaluating the origin and authenticity, have a check on the quality, pile density, and fiber knots per inch. Then select the right color, texture, pattern, layouts, and embossed surfaces to suit your style requirements. Don’t forget to inspect the costs of each silk material and ask the retailer about the maintenance schedules for enhanced effectiveness and sustainability.

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