Where Can We Use Sisal Carpets in Home? Explain!

Nowadays, natural fiber-made carpets have been grabbing people’s attention due to the maximum comfort and luxurious styling they offer. Amongst the wide list of natural fiber carpets, the Sisal carpet is a top choice for users due to its high durability, soft structure, versatile texture, and unique customization possibilities. In this blog article, Shaggy Rugs has explained various worthy features of Sisal carpets. In addition, we have described multiple best recommendations for using sisal carpets in the home.

Uses Of Sisal Carpets In Home | A Complete Guide

Uses Of Sisal Carpets In Home

Sisal carpets are crafted with the natural fiber Sisal derived from long lance-shaped leaves of the Agave Sisalana plant. These sustainable and luxurious carpets are highly suitable for home stairs, living rooms, bedrooms, hallways, dining rooms, and entrances. These uniquely designed carpets give maximum aesthetics and elegance to your residential or commercial places.

However, there are multiple areas in a home where you should not place sisal-made carpets due to some reasons. Sisal floor carpets show fluctuations in their density and thickness under high temperature or humidity levels. This means that Sisal-made carpets are not suitable for bathrooms and kitchens because, at these places, the temperature and humidity levels are high and fluctuating.

Living Room

Living Room

Sisal carpets best complement living room accessories due to their eye-catching designs and colorful patterns. You can place these carpets under the living room seating furniture such as sofas, tables, or chairs. By placing this carpet, you can get a decently enhanced space beautification.



To elevate the grace of your bedroom, you can place sisal-made carpets near your bed and some other focal points. By placing these natural carpets under your bed partially or completely, you can enjoy exemplary warmth and comfort underfoot. In addition, if you have a dressing area in your bedroom, you can fix it near the dressing table for a luxurious look.

Dining Room

Dining Room

Another excellent use of sisal natural carpets is in the dining room. These carpets can be placed under the furniture of your dining area. The chairs can create scratches on the dining floor when they are pulled so you can ensure a scratchless dining floor by placing these natural carpets under chairs and tables. Make sure to complement the carpet color with the dining room furniture color contrast.



The use of sisal-made carpets in hallways is great for both traditional and contemporary floor styling. You can place this carpet in the exact center of the hallway by leaving equal space on all sides. This practice creates a well-balanced look in your hallways. To improve the hallway look, you should consider choosing the appropriate size, color, and texture of the carpet.



The unique texture and bold fibers of Sisal-made carpet make them a perfect stair runner. These carpets are the best option for covering your staircase and landing area and make them safe and non-slippery. The wear and tear resistance of sisal soft flooring makes it the best option for all high-foot-traffic stairs.

Selection Parameters For Sisal Floor Carpets

Selection Parameters For Sisal Floor Carpets

Before choosing a sisal natural carpet for residential spaces, you should consider color contrast, pattern, and texture combinations for a sophisticated appeal.

Color Combinations

Coir Carpet

Sisal natural carpets and rugs come in endless neutral and bold colors. The color selection for these carpets requires your personal attention and space accessories’ color contrast. For a lighter floor look, you can choose grey, tan, cream, or beige color. However, if you want to craft a bold appearance, you should use solid colors such as navy, black, red, charcoal, or ruby color.

Pattern Combination

Velvet Carpet

Sisal natural carpets are available in a variety of patterns such as geometric, floral, solid, or plain. If you want to get these carpets in geometric patterns, you can choose chevron or herringbone designs for a contemporary look. In addition, a wide range of floral patterns is also available for a fresh and evergreen look. For decent floor covering, you can choose plain striped carpets or use solid-colored sisal carpets.

Texture Combinations

Synthetic Carpet

To add more depth to the visual look of your interior spaces, you can also consider multiple texture combinations for sisal natural carpets. You can analyze the furniture upholstery, cushions, or pillows to add the perfect contrasting texture. Furthermore, you can also complement the carpet with rugs and wall decor.

Amazing Features Of Sisal Natural Carpets

Amazing Features Of Sisal Natural Carpets

1-Moisture Resistance: Sisal carpets can resist moisture content which makes them a suitable choice for residential spaces.

2-Wear & Tear Resistance: You can use these carpets for both residential and commercial places due to their high wear and tear resistance.

3-Dust Repellent: These natural carpets can repel dirt and dust accumulation in their layers. You can feel a clean and cozy surface whenever your foot touches the carpet surface. You can also learn how to clean sisal carpets.

4-Easy Maintenance: Due to high spills and dirt resistance, these carpets are easily maintainable and require very low effort for cleaning and vacuuming.

5-Durable Fibers: These carpets are crafted with heavy-duty natural sisal fibers for long-lasting results. With proper maintenance, you can utilize these carpets for years.

6-Green Material: To make your home environment green and pollutant-free, sisal material carpets are the best options due to their renewable structure.


The natural fibers of this carpet also provide health benefits due to their non-allergic nature. For your kids or pets, these carpets provide a healthy and skin-friendly surface.

Additional Maintenance Tips For Sisal Carpets

Modern Carpet

For proper maintenance and care of your sisal-made carpets, we have got you some useful tips.

  • To avoid maximum dirt from entering inside the home, you should place mats at the entrances of your living rooms, bedrooms, dining halls, etc.
  • To prevent the accumulation of micro dust particles in the carpet layers, you should ensure regular vacuuming practice.
  • You shouldn’t place these carpets in damp or moist places in the home (bathrooms and kitchens) due to higher extents of humidity.
  • If your sisal material carpet has spills or stains, you should get professional cleaning services for deep cleaning.

In The End

It is concluded that natural carpets have always been an excellent choice for floor covering due to their supreme and promising features. Shaggy Rugs has recommended the best places in homes to cover with Sisal natural carpets. In addition, we have also mentioned some unique parameters that will help you in choosing a perfect sisal floor covering for your place. By following our maintenance guide, you can easily enhance the lifespan of your sisal home carpets.

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