How to Clean a Modern Rug In An Easy Way?

How to Clean a Modern Rug In An Easy Way

A modern rug is an essential decor element in any home. It is an investment that people make to add charm to the beauty of their living place for a long time. To make your rugs last longer, you need to maintain them well. And, for that sake, deep cleaning is a must process which should be done after every one or two months.

Although you keep it clean by doing daily vacuuming, after the deep cleaning process, your rug will gain a new look and will start giving an attractive appearance to your dearest home. With that being said, here is a complete guide on how to clean a modern rug so that you can keep them for a long time.

Steps to Apply For the Proper Cleaning Of Modern Rugs

The steps mentioned below are easy to follow and will keep your rug neat and clean. The deep cleaning of anything gives it a new life. Hence, cleaning a modern rug following these simple steps will bring a new life to it and make your space look attractive.

1. Materials Required

Material Required
Before you start the cleaning process of your modern rugs, get yourself prepared with everything that you will need during washing it. Collecting the materials before starting the process will save you time and let you complete the task with no frustration. You will need a vacuum, a rug cleaner, dish soap, a bucket, rubber gloves, a sponge, a scrub brush, a squeegee, and a garden hose.

2. Vacuum The Rug

Vacuum The Rug
After collecting everything, you can now start the cleaning process by vacuuming the rug in the very first place. This will remove the dust and dirt that has accumulated at the top. Vacuum the rug on both sides.

3. Use the Rug Cleaner / Prepare Your Cleaner

Hose Off the Rug and Remove the WaterNow take the rug cleaner and test it on the corner of your rug to see if the color of your modern rug gets faded or not. If there is a slight change in the color, do not use that cleaner, but if the color remains the same, you can use that cleaner. Otherwise, you can make one on your own. All you need to do is mix the liquid dish soap into the bucket of water. Make sure the water is not warm or it could get the fiber of your rugs to shrink.

4. Wash the Rug Properly

Wash the Rug Properly
By using a sponge, put that water-based cleaner on your rug and scrub it with the scrub brush. This step is essential as it will remove the dirt particles that have settled into the bottom layer of this floor covering. Scrub the rug with soft hands. Otherwise, you will get the fibers of your rug damaged. 

This will make the rug look worn rather than clean and new. Now, allow the solution to sit on it for several minutes. And, start scrubbing it again with gentle hands when you see the soap rising as bubbles above the rug. You can get expert tips for choosing modern rugs.

5. Hose Off the Rug and Remove the Water

Hose Off the Rug and Remove the Water
Now, it is time to rinse your rug with the help of a garden hose. Make sure the water gets the soap bubbles clear from the rug. After that, take the squeegee and squeeze out the excess water from the rug. Press the rubber-edged blade side of the squeegee on the rug’s nap side and pull it to get out as much liquid as you can.

6. Let it Dry And Glorify Your Space

Let it Dry And Glorify Your Space
After doing all the above steps properly, let the rug dry itself in the open air. Once you see the top side of it getting dried, flip it to the other side so that it can get dried from the front and back as well. When it is completely dry, brush it out to remove the accumulated fibers. This will make your rug look entirely new. Now, place it in your home space and let it emerge the beauty of your lovely living place. Modern Rugs have many advantages for home decor.

To Conclude

Now we hope that after reading this piece of writing, you can get your rugs cleaned easily. Finally, I would recommend following these easy steps to get your rug cleaned properly. Give your home space an adorable look by installing neat and clean modern rugs.

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